Venue : MBA Auditorium

Date: 06 March 2021

Time: 1100hrs to 1300hrs


The seminar was conducted by the NCC cadets of 06 KAR AIR SQN NCC to brief about the youth’s power as well as responsibilities of the youth on 06 Mar 2021 by Swami Dharmabandhu. The event was held in MBA auditorium, the cadets of Army, Navy and Air wing attended the event. The event was led by Cdt Ravichandra, Cdt Brijesh, Cdt Prenita and Cdt Deesha. The escorting pilots were Cdt Aishwarya and Cdt Jenny.


The intention of this was to bring awareness among the cadets about the youth’s responsibilities in society, discipline in life, goals to be achieved. To create a healthy mindset regarding future and the difficult times and to sound tune our life with some basic principles.


This seminar started with a brief introduction of the resource person Swami dharmabandhu, followed by the cheerful talk by honorable managing trustee Mr. Vivek Alva, AEF. The Chief Guest started the talk by explaining about his work, before and after which these were related. He explained the cadets about simple rules and principles of life to be followed to achieve success in life. Some of these are listed below:

  1. First thing first
  2. Keep proper health
  3. Enhancement of knowledge
  4. Financial literacy
  5. Surround yourself with great people
  6. Under promise and over delivery
  7. Be your own man
  8. Loyalty the vital worship
  9. Stand against to bullies
  10. Organize around a purpose etc.
  11. Prepare relent Lessoning – karmata purav taayaari karo


  1. Enter classroom at least before two min.
  2. Concentrate for professional things
  3. Learn a day before next day in brief
  4. Develop and communicate strong believe, pillars are listening and learning.
  5. Reflect then decide – pahele socho then decide karo
  6. Always compete with yourself
  7. Read and learn immediately

These are some of the many vital points told by the Swami dharmabandhu.


During this seminar, the cadets were well guided with the amazing principles to be successful in life, to keep progress in steady pace. There were total of 13 principles, each has a great meaning in each person’s life, in their own perspective. This seminar taught all the skills that were need to be a good human with success, as well as prosperity.

~ Report by Cdt Brijesh Reddy


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  1. I cdt chandana PT 06KAR AIR SQN NCC flight -B manglore on 6march 2021 onbehalf of flight b condected the seminar. spoken by Swami Dharmabandhu . He told about life skills,he told about healthy benifits,and how to concentrate on professional things,how to became successful in life.he sait that learn day by day,stand against the truths.

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