Timings: 0530hrs to 1040 hrs

Date: 31 Oct 2021

Place: Bengre Beach, Mangalore


This report intents to brief about the beach cleaning program organized Nehru Yuva Kendra at Bengre beach in association with Alva’s Institute Of Engineering and Technology on 31 Oct 2021 about clean India which involving 19 cadets and 1 ANO of 06 KAR AIR SQN NCC, flight – B, Mangalore along with 91 AIET student and 06 staff. The main purpose of the campaign was to create awareness among the cadets and people regarding preserving our mother nature.


Clean India program is conducted on 31st Oct 2021 to create awareness among the public and educate youth about the importance to save beaches and keep the surrounding clean and also to save the lives of water animals and nature. A total of 19 cadets, 01 ANO, about 91 Alva’s institute of engineering and technology students including managing trustee Mr. Vivek Alva and some of the faculties attended the program. Managing trustee of Alva’s institute of engineering and technology, Mr. Vivek Alva briefed about clean India program and asked the cadets and students to take keen interest in cleanness drive as a national interest and empathized the responsibilities of the cadets and students towards changing mindset of people regarding the cleanliness issues in the country. There after organized themselves into 7 teams and launched the cleanliness drive throughout the beach and it’s surrounding. Each faculty was given the responsibility of leading the team and direct them the proper way to collect the garbage. The cadets and students collected more than 90 bags of waste which included plastic waste, footwear’s, glass bottles, degradable items etc. All the waste were separately collected in the black bags. The district administration had taken responsibilities of collecting these garbage from beach and to dispose it.


The cleanup was inspiring for the cadets. Cadets learnt the importance of conversation of nature through this activity. It is important to clean surroundings and it’s beneficial for human as well as to Mother Nature. Most of the local people at the beach joined us and supported for the cause. Cadets and students is really enthusiastic and looking for more in future.

We would like to thank Mr. Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee of AEF for consistent support through providing required facilities to conduct the event. For more details visit our website:

~Report by Cdt Pallavi


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