Environmental Day – 05 Jun 2021


05 Jun 2021


The activity was conducted by the NCC cadets of 06 Kar Air SQN NCC to brief about the World Environment Day on 05 Jun 2021. The event was an online seminar on Environment and its importance followed by a small group discussion for all the cadets of the Flight-B. Total of 51 Cadets attended the session. The event was planned and led by LFC Sumanth Patel.


The intention of this was to bring awareness among the cadets about the youth’s responsibilities in the ecosystem and its conservation. Amid the corona virus pandemic, the theme of the 47th World Environmental Day is “Ecosystem Restoration”. The focus of this day is on resetting relations with nature.            


The 51 cadets of Flight-B took the initiative to educate their co-cadets and the People of society by making Colleagues and Upload in social Media to MOTIVATE towards the Greeny surroundings. On the occasion of World Environmental Day a brief seminar was organized to explain about the significance of environment and World Environmental Day, followed by the current issues that are faced by the environment, and also our roles in protecting the mother earth. Cadets actively took part in the seminar, Q&A session and planted a sapling near their vicinity. Cadets also shared the colleague in the social media to create awareness.


On this day of 05 June 2021, celebrating the World Environmental Day, all the cadets of 06 Kar Air Sqn NCC Flight-B enjoyed learning about the perks of the World Environmental Day.

All in all the day was a great success and has certainly made a great difference to the way we view our environment. The WED celebrations came to an end with everyone pledging to take the initiative of saving the environment and doing their bit for a cleaner and greener mother earth by planting a sapling around their houses and sharing the meaningful posters and colleagues.


Jai Hind


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