Timings: 0530 hrs to 1130 hrs

Date: 05 Dec 2021

Place: Hejamadi-kodi Beach, Mulki


This report intends to brief about the fifth week beach cleaning program conducted continuously by Alva’s Institute Of Engineering and Technology along with Alva’s Air Wing NCC, Navy Wing NCC, Army Wing NCC, Student of AIET and Mantra surfing club on 05 Dec 2021 under clean estuaries initiative which involved 45 cadets and 01 ANO of 06 KAR AIR SQN NCC, flight – B, Mangalore along with 56 cadets of Army, 22 cadets of Navy and 102 students of AIET participated under the guidance and support of Mr. Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee, AEF. The main purpose of the activity was to create awareness among the cadets and people regarding preservation of estuaries.


Clean Estuaries awareness program continued on fifth week i.e., on 05 Dec 2021 to create awareness among the cadets and students about the importance to save estuaries and keep the surrounding clean and also to save the lives of water animals and nature. Managing trustee of Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mr. Vivek Alva briefed about clean the estuaries program and asked the cadets and students to note the seriousness of this cleanliness drive. There after students and cadets were organized themselves into 10 teams and launched the cleanliness drive throughout the shores. The cadets and students collected 117 bags of waste in total, 54 bags of plastic waste, 24 bags of glass wastes and 39 bags of foam and thermacol wastes which  are collected in blue, white, and black colored bags separately. All the non bio-degradable wastes were deposited at one place. This cleanliness drive was also focused over the gathering of the Bio-Degradable waste as well to make the shore cleaner to look.

The NCC cadets, Students of AIET and Management of AEF had taken an initiative of six weeks of beach cleaning program at one stretch. By 05 Dec 2021, five weeks of beach cleaning completed and around 22 tonnes of garbage was cleaned at Hejamadi Kodi beach. The place is now left clean for the visitors and tourists.


All the cadets were serious enough to note the seriousness of this activity. These activity made a great impact on the cadets regarding the cleanliness in the surrounding. Cadets and students are really enthusiastic and looking for more in future. We would like to thank Mr. Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee of AEF for consistent support through providing required facilities and for taking initiative to conduct the event. For more details visit our website: www.alvasairwingncc.in


By parveez