Date: 9 January 2021

Timings: 9000 – 1700 hrs.


This report intends to brief about the workshop on ham radio in association with Mangalore Amateur Radio Club. The activity had been initiated and performed by the MARC members, organized by Dept. of ECE, AIET and Air Wing NCC Flt – B. The following members of MARC have accepted our request and visited our campus to train the cadet and students on amateur radio:

  1. Shrikanth VU2SBJ
  2. Abhay VU2ABU
  3. Ramachandra VU2RCT
  4. Rohit VU2RDQ
  5. Abdul Majid VU2QDX
  6. Sampath VU2PWO


This workshop was conducted in order to bring awareness among the cadets the need to communication during emergency or disaster times using a simple Radio. With the help of members of MARC and our cadets setup a simple VHF antenna with handy receiver to receive the signal and transmit.


The session started with introduction to program/workshop by Mr. Shrikant VU2SBJ, followed by explanation of HAM and its history Mr. Ramachandra VU2RCT. Mr. Rohit VU2RDQ demonstrated VHF communication made across various places. Cadets were given the opportunity to interact and talk with other people using the radio in a different place. Cadets encountered people from Mangalore, Udupi, Karkala and Surathkal. He also discussed on fun of HAM radio and utilization of HAMs and resources during emergency communication. The cadets were also briefed on ASOC examination that can be taken by any person above the age of 12 to apply for HAM license after clearing the exam.


In the afternoon session, Mr. Srikanth discussed on Satellite Communication for HAM communication on QO – 100 satellite following by demonstration in which they made a contact to Netherland, Heisenberg, South Africa. The cadets and students also had QSO with these DX stations with full of joy and happiness. The last session was on Slow Scan Television (SSTV) by Fg Offr Parveez Shariff B G, VU3PZL and Mr. Abdul Majid, VU2QDX followed by demonstration, in which they have transmitted and received couple of photos through radio signal. With this the workshop come to an end with lot of knowledge acquired by cadets and students.


A total of 73 cadets from Flt – B were present for the workshop. The workshop motivated NCC cadets to become HAM. The Flt – B NCC thank the Management, Principal of AIET, Commanding Officer and staff of 06 Kar Air Sqn NCC for encouraging and supporting to do such a wonderful activities.

Report by Akhilesh V



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