This report intends to brief about the talk delivered by Dharmabandu ji at Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology campus arranged by FLIGHT-B/6 KAR AIR SQN NCC (Alva’s Air Wing) on 13/02/2020 on the subject “Youth Power and Nation Building” for which total of 47 Air wing cadets along with army and navy cadets were present.

            INTENT OF THE TALK

The talk inclined towards empowering the youth of the nation by educating them about their duties towards their nation along with the role they can play towards nation building. Talk intended to give the cadets complete idea about their role as youth of this country to lead the nation on the lines of a positive change. Talk also intended to give a clear picture of current world scenario, and educate the cadets on where India stands at the world level in economy, security and more such integral parameters that highlight the developments of a nation.


The talk created the required seriousness in the student lot gathered in the auditorium, the talk gave insights to the gathering about the challenges our country is facing which are making the journey from a developing nation to a developed nation hard. Swamiji drew great examples into the session of countries like Japan with with mere natural resources and no geographical advantage or that in terms of population or human resource when compared to India. But Japan is a developed nation, whereas India is still developing. Swamiji stressed on the fact that India is not inferior to any country on the globe, we have everything, we export more than importing. But still India is a developing country because we are not yet serious about the country’s development. We must respect our constitution and work with dedication towards the welfare of our nation, and in no time India will be a Power house.

                                      IMPACT OF TALK ON NCC CADETS

National Cadet Corps has been working for ages towards grooming young cadets to make them responsible leaders of tomorrow’s India continually at a very high success rate. The talk being on the subject “youth power and nation building”, the subject was very much relevant to the cadets. The cadets gained knowledge on where India stands in terms of many important aspects.


The talk was very informative for the cadets and they were able to better understand about their nation at the world level. 6 KAR AIR SQN NCC, FLIGHT – B looks forward for more such opportunities in the future.

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By parveez