Highlights of the program

The Parisara Sammelana organized under the National Environmental Care Federation (NECF) has urged government to take the initiative to save environment  the program held at Tannirbavi beach and the event started at 0800 hr to 1800 hrs on 01 Mar 2020.

Dr II Ravindranath Shanubogue, Padmashree

Sukribomma Gowda, Tulasi Gowda,

Kuttaru Timmakka


The Sammelana was held in the form of people’s court which was presided by human right activists. The people’s court took up 36 cases pertaining to the environment. Environmentalists came from Malnad and coastal region who are fighting for environmental issues. They presented cases on the occasions, over 30 lakh trees felled for various projects in the Western Ghats was one of it.

Padmashree awardee Tulasi Gowda said that there is a need to plant fruit bearing trees that were indigenous to Western Ghats, Padmashree awardee Sukribomma Gowda also spoke.NECF state secretary Shashidar Shetty said the fight would continue till demands for the protection of environment and wild life is fulfilled. 

                                                Role of NCC cadets:

Total of 35 NCC cadets of 6 KAR AIR SQN Flight B took major role in arrangements of program such as crowd management, food distribution etc. A good team work as well as hard work was shown by each and every cadet. At the end of the program cadets were praised by NECF members.


                             IMPACT OF PROGRAMME ON NCC CADETS :

The program was very informative, Cadets got to know about the environmental issues, such as deforestation and were encouraged to plant trees and save environment. NCC Cadets also experienced the environment of the court and understood the Causes and consequences of Environment destruction. Cadets of 6 KAR AIR SQN Flight B will look forward for more such opportunities.

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