Range Firing – Selection for Inter Dte Competition 09 Jul & 13 Jul 2021


Venue of event: Virasat Ground, AIET Campus

Date: 09 JUL 2021 


This report intends to brief about the range firing practice/selection initiated by Mangalore Group Headquarters on 09 Jul and 13 Jul 2021. In which total of 63 cadets participated for selection with all precautionary measures abide by Covid-19 guidelines. With the requested made by Mangalore Gp Hq to provide the facility for range firing, the management of AIET has agree and provided the same.


This activity was done in order to make cadets understand how to fire the .22 Rifle (pronounced as point 22 rifle). As being an NCC cadet, one should be well aware of how to handle the weapon as well as maintain it, once firing is done.


Cadets were briefed about the practice for competition by CO Col. Bhide, 18 Kar Bn NCC. Firstly the PI staff of 18 Kar battalion made us comfortable with parts of rifle, and with the position.

There are various types of position –

  1. Standing Position
  2. Lying Position
  3. Kneeling Position

A good firing practice is H.A.T i.e. Proper Hold, Proper Aim And Proper Trigger. The firm grip is important to hold the weapon properly with out shaking it, as small deviation can make a big difference.

Aiming is a tricking thing in firing, as the rear sight and front sight should be aligned properly to the target, like the following figure.

Trigger operation should be smooth so that while pulling the trigger weapon should not move much.

Once cadets were clear with the basics we were ready to fire. Each cadet was given 5 rounds of firing at once.

Types of Firing-

  1. Grouping
  2. Application Firing

In Grouping the distance between the farthest bullets is taken into consideration, least distance would be considered.

While in Application Firing points would be taken in consideration, i.e. is highest point would be considered.


The practice for firing was really helpful for the cadets as many of them were firing for the first time. Being NCC cadet we are supposed to be ready for any situations, and this practice was inspiring as well as needed for the cadets. Cadets learnt how to fire .22 rifle and maintain it after firing.

Glimpse of Event

Download the Report

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